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We're on a mission to build impactful and high-quality software for exceptional clients.
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What We Do

Our services
We don’t just build custom software. Leveraging our collective knowledge and experience, we build impactful tools for exceptional clients to solve the world’s hard problems.

Deliver Impactful Software

We are fanatical about delivering high-quality software and tools for our clients. We want everything we build to have a positive and lasting impact on our clients and their users.

Provide Architectural Insights

Building quality software is hard. Let us help you thoughtfully architect your next project to take advantage of progressive technical stacks that offer stability and resiliency.

Empower Highly Effective Teams

Staying up to date on the latest and greatest tools, practices and processes in software development on top of everything else on your to do list can be a struggle. We can help.

Wrangle Complex Data

Every day we’re bombarded with new data from every angle. Let us help you organize, process and optimize your business’ data so that you can find the signal in the noise and make better decisions.

Automate Things

There’s plenty of tasks that we can and should let machines handle on our behalf because they’re better and more efficient at doing them. We can help you reclaim more of your time so that you focus your energy where it matters.

Optimize Processes

Waste and inefficiency create headaches and are a drag on your business. Let us help you take stock of your current processes and give them a tune up.

Why We Do It

Our Core Values
We believe that technology should serve humanity, transforming our lives for the better. That belief is rooted in our values and forms the foundation for the work that we do with each and every client.

Learn and share continuously.

One of the joys of our field is that there is always something new to learn and to share. We’re committed to distributing knowledge and new insights to our team, clients, and community.

Approach hard problems scientifically.

Effective technologists take little for granted. When making key decisions, we try to adopt a “trust but verify” mindset, validating our assumptions through experimentation and observations.

Tell the truth.

All options have tradeoffs. Sometimes we discover those tradeoffs as our work progresses. As consultants, it’s our duty to be honest, humble, and self-aware, even in the face of misteps.

Be kind.

Team strength comes from a chorus of diverse perspectives and backgrounds. We promote these strengths by treating each other with humility, respect and empathy.

Build great things.

We take pride in our work and the effect it has on our clients and their users. We want our efforts to be ambitious, yielding a positive impact on people's lives and the world-at-large.

Eliminate tedium.

We strive to build tools to help people work as fast as they think. Let machines do the things that machines do best so that humans can focus on the things humans do best.

How We Do It

Our Engagement Model
We don't just want to understand your problem space; we want to fall in love with it. Shaped by our passion for accessibility and efficiency, our continuous feedback cycle increases visibility, reduces project risk, promotes team happiness, and maximizes client value. At each step, we present options for you to make informed decisions.
Iteration Zero image

Iteration Zero

We begin our journey together by assigning two to three engineers to engage with your team to understand your project goals and constraints. We conduct cross-team workshops to gain a clearer picture of what we’re seeking to build together and create a detailed plan and reliable estimates of the time and capital it will take to achieve your goals.

Six-Week Delivery Cycles image

Six-Week Delivery Cycles

We typically work with clients over a series of six-week cycles, each broken into three 2-week sprints. This duration is long enough to make a meaningful impact and build something significant. Crucially, it presents a short enough deadline to deliver value week to week and provides feedback for planning the next cycle and managing costs

Completion and Handoff image

Completion and Handoff

As we wind down your project, we move to two-week cycles for final delivery and knowledge transfer. We like to think of this as a bookend to Iteration Zero. We offer a Retained Services Agreement (RSA) for post-launch support. This agreement is structured to ensure the timely resolution of any emergent issues.

Collaborative Learning image

Collaborative Learning

As we learn your problem space, we share our experiences and expertise. We build small functional prototypes to shorten the feedback loop. We perform engineering spikes to mitigate against the riskier aspects of your project. We present options and work together towards architectural and execution decisions.

Two-Heads Are Much Better Than One image

Two-Heads Are Much Better Than One

Having multiple engineers on a project enables collaborative problem-solving. We believe in pairing – not just between Spantreers but also with engineers on your teams. This encourages a culture of sharing knowledge and mitigates against the risk of information siloing.

Fixed Budget, Scope Controlled image

Fixed Budget, Scope Controlled

We all want high-quality work delivered within budget and delivered on time. When solving complex problems, this is rarely the case. We will never know less about your project than we do on Day One. To mitigate and share the risk equitably between us, we work closely with you to calibrate scope and priorities. In partnership, we adapt to new information and reformulate our execution plan.

Tools We Love

We use dozens of tools every day, across various problem spaces. Here are a few of our “greatest hits.”
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