Build smarter software.

Who We Are

Spantree is a small and nimble boutique consultancy delivering intelligent, high quality software solutions for the web. We understand the challenging nature of working with legacy code. We prefer an evolutionary and iterative approach to software design, focusing on high-value enhancements in favor of wholesale reengineering. We evangelize testing early in the cycle to ensure software quality and boost developer productivity.

Master Your Data

You have software, and you have data, but you need a way for the two to come together. We can help you build a robust data supply chain with a number of tools like Spark, Elasticsearch and Neo4J.

Create Complex Apps

You may have an idea, a prototype, or a functioning app with a growing userbase. Through every step of the process, Spantree can help you create what you imagined.

Grow and Scale with Ease

You control software that people rely on, but it is getting harder and harder to maintain. Spantree can help migrate your software to the latest technology with zero downtime.

Develop Your Business

Your software is successful, but something is missing. Changes are taking too long to deploy, it doesn't handle change well, or slows down under load. Spantree can help.

Let's Work Together

We’d love to hear from you! Send us a message using the form below, or email us.